Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Together from the start; always in my heart!"

Three girls together again...

Eliza, Jaiden and Emma
August 2008
Witchita, Kansas

Words cannot describe... seeing the 3 Yangdong daughters together; Eliza, Emma and Jaiden. Their lives once shared a common home, far away in China, in the same building, the same room. Through a red thread, their 3 moms connected, and a friendship began. Two years later, we (their 3 moms) made it happen...we brought the girls together again!

It was so fun; each so different, but yet sharing that same Yangdong spice..."sweet and spicey" as Megan says! Eliza, the youngest at 3, followed by Jaiden at 3.5 and Emma at 4. What an amazing time we had watching, laughing, breaking up fights, hearing "I sorry"; hearing giggles and checking in to see what they were up to, sharing mom conversations and experiences.

To add to the bliss, we met up w/ Tami and her 2 daughters, Amy and Anna, both from Yangjiang (where Yangdong SWI resides), but from neighboring SWI's. All 5 "Yang" girls gathered at a playground and talk about CUTE!!!!! ....Words just cannot describe... maybe the few pictures will help.

Ring Around the Rosey

At the zoo

No description needed!

Eliza, Jaiden and Emma...

Hairbands and glasses!

The Mom's
Megan (Emma's), Sarah (Eliza's) and Julie (Jaiden's)
August 2008
Witchita, Kansas

The 5 Yang girls...Emma, Jaiden, Eliza (back), Anna and Amy!

Eliza and mommy (a rare photo)...thanks Tami!

So hard to say goodbye...already planning reunion #2!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Zoo trip!

Pictures from our "day-cation" to the zoo in Asheboro, North Carolina, last Friday, August 8th. We met my brother's family from Charlotte there. What a great, great day. Lots of walking, but beautiful.

About the zoo (from their website): "Our NC Zoo is nationally recognized as one of the nation’s finest zoos. It was the first American zoo designed from its inception around the "natural habitat" philosophy--presenting animals and plants in exhibits that closely resemble the habitats in which they would be found in the wild. The 37-acre African Plains exhibit alone is as large a many entire zoos. The 11-acre Prairie exhibit in the North American region showcases the zoo’s collection of bison and elk. The N.C. Zoo is also the nation’s largest walk-through natural-habitat zoo. Its African and North American exhibit regions span more than 500 acres with more than five miles of walkways. Another 900 acres are available for future development on this scenic site in the Uwharrie Mountains, considered by geologists to be one of the world’s oldest mountain ranges. "

Eliza loved the zoo...North America more than Africa...due to the many aquatic exhibits. She couldn't get enough of the various "ish" (fish) and "ing" (swimming). Yes, she's making progress on her words. She also kept saying "out" to get out of the stroller and run. Her absolute favorite and what I didn't get a picture of though, was the meerkats. They put on quite a show, wrestling and hissing at one another. Then they'd stop and look up at the glass to make sure they still had an audience and wrestle some more. It was very cute and funny. Eliza stood at the glass window for a long time laughing out loud and hissing back at them. A fun day after a whiney week!

If only she could get inside that tank and swim!
Cousin's a little scary when these big sea lions press right up on the glass!

Waiting for the merry-go-round to start...
Here we go...whee!

Couldn't help noticing how LONG Allie's legs are.
How 'bout this cool is that...look at his paws and claws!
This ocelot was so amazing coat.

Okay, getting tired here (notice the glasses are off).
Getting more tired and less thrilled...but this is funny!
Okay, she's out...and the day is over!