Friday, January 30, 2009

I ordered this 2-piece outfit from Daleea for Eliza. It is the most beautiful outfit; the pictures don't do it justice. Eliza was as excited to try it on as I was to see it on her. She loved the flirty bottoms around her ankles. It's just precious! She ran up to her room to stand on her bed so she could look at herself in the mirror on her dresser... You should visit Daleea's blog and check out some of her other amazing creations.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snowing in the south!

Yep, school was cancelled at 9:30 p.m. last night. Some time during the night it started snowing. It's been very windy so the actual accumulated amount is suspect, but they're reporting 5 inches...we've seen it over 7 inches here at our farm. Keep in mind, we're in the South. We haven't had a snowfall like this in at least 5 years. .....You know you live in the South when it snows:

1) Instead of seeing traditional sleds, you see all the water accessories from the summer come out (tubes, floats, boogie boards, etc.)!
2) Kids think they're dressed warm to play in the snow in their jeans and a jacket (hats? mittens? boots?)!
3) You don't see snowmobiles, but you do see 4 wheelers!
4) School gets cancelled just at the forecast alone (there's been times that the snow missed us and kids got to stay home on a glorious, sunny 50 degree day)!
5) Everything shuts down, except Starbucks and Food Lion grocery stores.
6) Anything over 4 inches of snow, you can count on school being cancelled the following day too!

Okay, so here's some photos from this a.m. I promise you in the pictures of the 4 wheeler pulling the sled, Dad was driving very, very slow. Also, keep in mind, that my animals are southern born and bred...they do have warm places to go so don't feel sorry for them in these pictures; but thought the pictures were funny and worthy to post. Lastly, I guess once you're 13, you don't have to dress in what mom thinks is best for you anymore...she lasted about 10 minutes in her NON-waterproof attire. As for Eliza, she lasted about that long too simply because her cheeks were bright red from the wind and she kept losing a mitten (it is 25 degrees outside). She did enjoy the snow though and thought it was funny being bundled up in so many layers. Once the two girls were back in the house, "northern mom" and "thinks he's northern (mid-atlantic) dad" went right back outside again 4 wheeling w/ Hogan running beside us. It was a blast and Hogan LOVED the snow. He didn't want to come back in... Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Allie turned 13 and MLK Bowling

Allie turned 13 yesterday...can it be? She's now a teenager? I remember when she was Eliza's of those "I feel so old" moments; sort of like when you go bee-bopping out of the house feeling good about how you look, still feeling 30 something, then you walk past a mirror and see yourself...your bee-bop goes flat and you suddenly feel your age, your weight, your grey and your droop! Anyway, she got a laptop for her mom asked me if I remembered what I got for my 13th birthday? ... Um, no.... She said that she gave each of us girls (my sisters and I) our first makeup. Wow, how do you go from makeup to a laptop in 30 years? Actually, 30 years sounds like a long time (another feeling old moment) so I guess it's possible. That and the fact that I was still using the Encyclopedia, Nat'l Geographic, Science Encyclopedia's, etc., to do research and homework assignments back then. Rarely even used a typewriter?! Today...anyone w/ school age kids knows that a kid now does powerpoints for school!! (So, I ran out to the store and got Allie some makeup!...) Thanks for reminding me of the simple pleasures of turning into a young lady, Mom. Allie took off upstairs w/ her girlfriends and had fun putting on a "beautiful face"...I guess some things really haven't changed.

The birthday sleep-over and celebration continued into today, MLK Day, so I took the girls and Eliza and I bowling. What a hoot that was. Eliza loved seeing the balls whizzing down the lanes, pins crashing, lights flashing and could barely contain herself as she had to wait her turn. She lasted 1 game (10 frames) before sheer exhaustion, over-stimulation, unlimited bowling alley frenchfries, Skittles and the excitement turned her into the lovely "Linda Blair, Exorcism" child. Joy! Fortunately, the girls were all exhausted from a late night of staying up singing very loudly to all their favorite songs, drinking rootbeer floats, Doritos, dancing and many other very 13 year old we headed back home and are now under a winter weather advisory...teasing us with a forecast of 2-4 inches of SNOW!!!! (Of course, all the districts surrounding us already closed school for tomorrow just at the forecast alone. We're still waiting to see if our district will close tonight. The snow isn't forecasted 'til tomorrow. Gotta love living in the south!)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Headstands and sharing

Eliza's been working really hard at standing on her took a few attempts today, but I'd say she did it pretty well for a 3 year old!

Some random photos from tonight, that went like this: 1) Hogan had his bone and Eliza studied his teeth nawing on it. I told her that he was brushing his teeth. 2) Eliza went and got her tooth brush and Hogan thought he should be able to inspect what she had too. 3) Sadie took Hogan's bone during the toothbrush distraction and Eliza came running to watch Sadie naw on it...then Hogan returned. Check out these pictures and tell me how many dogs will allow their space to be invaded this way? You see why I worry about Eliza getting that close to other people's dogs?!!

My good boy, Hogan...turned a year old in December...he's the most patient and sweet boy. Never tries to take his bone away from Sadie; never minds Eliza sitting on him or poking his mouth...He's just a typical Golden Retriever wanting to please you and be as close to you as possible! Unfortunately, "snip snip" is scheduled for next month. He's never tried to be studdly, but it's time. Sorry buddy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

No longer Dad's recliner...

Eliza discovered that she could use her upper body weight to recline Dad's favorite chair...this is now her favorite chair. Move over Daddy...there's a new couch potatoe-tv watching fan in the house and she's now claiming your chair!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not mommy-brain, just on mommy-time!

No, I didn't forget to upload the pictures to my last post. No, I don't have mommy-brain (ok, most of the time I do but...) I just kept having blogger issues while trying to post and upload pictures the other day and I finally decided that if it wasn't going to happen on "my time", it wasn't going to happen... Let's see if blogger is on "my time" tonight...a'hem, so here's the pictures that should've gone w/ yesterday's post:

The Emma and Ginger Show

Trying to get some bird pictures, but thought the reflection on the water was photo worthy

Forget that this feeder was supposed to be squirrel proof,
this little guy didn't even care that I was 3 feet away

Rain, rain...all week, but what beautiful, ominous skies we had;
twice, giving us a complete rainbows over our entire farm...

Another photo worthy picture;
loved this old dwelling even more when our road used to be dirt
and it set back in the trees...but along came the construction of the school...
paved road and many trees taken least this was left alone
A warm winter day that calls you to come out and ride...