Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not mommy-brain, just on mommy-time!

No, I didn't forget to upload the pictures to my last post. No, I don't have mommy-brain (ok, most of the time I do but...) I just kept having blogger issues while trying to post and upload pictures the other day and I finally decided that if it wasn't going to happen on "my time", it wasn't going to happen... Let's see if blogger is on "my time" tonight...a'hem, so here's the pictures that should've gone w/ yesterday's post:

The Emma and Ginger Show

Trying to get some bird pictures, but thought the reflection on the water was photo worthy

Forget that this feeder was supposed to be squirrel proof,
this little guy didn't even care that I was 3 feet away

Rain, rain...all week, but what beautiful, ominous skies we had;
twice, giving us a complete rainbows over our entire farm...

Another photo worthy picture;
loved this old dwelling even more when our road used to be dirt
and it set back in the trees...but along came the construction of the school...
paved road and many trees taken least this was left alone
A warm winter day that calls you to come out and ride...

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The Montieth Family said...

I want to come and live at your house Sarah. These pictures look so tranquil. :) Ahhhh...