Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WORDLESS WEDNESDAY (since it's painfully slow to type on this keyboard anyway per previous post)!

That's our new horse, you can read about her on my other blog...she's 24!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Can't type much so I won't say much, but guess who did this to my laptop? Uh huh, you're right! To my little angel, this new discovery of joy is akin to pushing all the buttons on the tv over and over again (pleasure of autism). Mind you these stims don't happen all the time and are easy to transition her away from. When it does though, she can certainly, peacefully go off in her own world. What the picture doesn't show is what my keyboard looked like before I had to put all the keys (every letter and number) back on. The ones you see missing are the broken ones that I couldn't put back together. (If you've never popped a key off, then you don't realize what else besides the black key makes up the innerworkings of your yes, she had all the innerworkings off in pieces too.) Where was I when this was going on? Guess? It happened in minutes and was a frightening site when I walked back in the room...just a massive pile of chaos.

I am so proud of the progress Eliza is making. She's doing so well in school; making connections; great eye contact and really developing her little personality. She's just full of herself and happy. Here's a quick video of some interraction with me and signing "more" (in this case, "again Mommy"). Hey, I know she's going to be 4 in a week, but playing this way w/ Mommy is huge and something she wouldn't do even a few months ago. She's making great strides and will take every one of them, big or small.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Miss E modeling my latest knit creation that I call the Angel Kisses hat ( ) and how dare I interrupt Dragon Tales...hence the happy to annoyed expressions!First, brim folded up. Now, brim folded down...
Brim folded up again...
...No more Mommy! Get away and take the hat w/ you!!!

Here's Miss E modeling the tunic vest that I knitted. She kept running around while I was trying to capture the pose so it's bunched up on her rather than pulled down to the tunic length that it's meant to be! Oh well...trials of working with a live model. You can stop by my other blog to see it better.

And the other picture is Eliza doing a split. One of her teachers minored in dance in college and loves that Eliza naturally performs dance and yoga moves. So, on their "Gym" days at school, she's been working w/ Eliza! Perfect!! Not a flattering picture. She's wearing a courduroy skirt and doing a split?! Probably should have a little talk about being a lady! Do her legs look long? They are...she's growing like a weed. Don't you love her Converse Hightops? She has a pair in pink too...cures her obsession with taking off her shoes and going barefoot all the time. Same thing w/ wearing tights...she's been wearing lots of skirts and tights. 'Cause pants w/ socks? The socks end up southern China baby should be walking barefoot on a beach!

If you've noticed that she hasn't been wearing glasses in the last few posts it's because she's broke both pairs and they're in the shop! Yup... Doesn't seem to be holding her back other than lots of rubbing of her eye at the end of the day.