Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Here's Miss E modeling the tunic vest that I knitted. She kept running around while I was trying to capture the pose so it's bunched up on her rather than pulled down to the tunic length that it's meant to be! Oh well...trials of working with a live model. You can stop by my other blog http://birdsatthefeeder.blogspot.com/ to see it better.

And the other picture is Eliza doing a split. One of her teachers minored in dance in college and loves that Eliza naturally performs dance and yoga moves. So, on their "Gym" days at school, she's been working w/ Eliza! Perfect!! Not a flattering picture. She's wearing a courduroy skirt and doing a split?! Probably should have a little talk about being a lady! Do her legs look long? They are...she's growing like a weed. Don't you love her Converse Hightops? She has a pair in pink too...cures her obsession with taking off her shoes and going barefoot all the time. Same thing w/ wearing tights...she's been wearing lots of skirts and tights. 'Cause pants w/ socks? The socks end up off...my southern China baby should be walking barefoot on a beach!

If you've noticed that she hasn't been wearing glasses in the last few posts it's because she's broke both pairs and they're in the shop! Yup... Doesn't seem to be holding her back other than lots of rubbing of her eye at the end of the day.


Truly Blessed! said...

You are so talented, I had no idea!

Bummer about the glasses, I suppose that's to be expected though.

I need to pop on over and see what's up with your beautiful flower -- can't believe you're getting so close to your second daughter!!!

The Montieth Family said...

I am laptopless so I haven't visited your blogs lately! Eliza looks gorgeous and she looks TALL! :) She is looking very 4. I love that hat that you made the the tunic too, you should start a business! Really. I was cracking up about the bunched up skirt and hightops when in the picture of her doing the splits...she is very flexible, wow. Too bad about the glasses, maybe you need to buy rubber ones?! :)