Saturday, January 17, 2009

Headstands and sharing

Eliza's been working really hard at standing on her took a few attempts today, but I'd say she did it pretty well for a 3 year old!

Some random photos from tonight, that went like this: 1) Hogan had his bone and Eliza studied his teeth nawing on it. I told her that he was brushing his teeth. 2) Eliza went and got her tooth brush and Hogan thought he should be able to inspect what she had too. 3) Sadie took Hogan's bone during the toothbrush distraction and Eliza came running to watch Sadie naw on it...then Hogan returned. Check out these pictures and tell me how many dogs will allow their space to be invaded this way? You see why I worry about Eliza getting that close to other people's dogs?!!

My good boy, Hogan...turned a year old in December...he's the most patient and sweet boy. Never tries to take his bone away from Sadie; never minds Eliza sitting on him or poking his mouth...He's just a typical Golden Retriever wanting to please you and be as close to you as possible! Unfortunately, "snip snip" is scheduled for next month. He's never tried to be studdly, but it's time. Sorry buddy!


Rachel said...

I"m very impressed by the headstand! You are lucky to have such a loving, patient dog - at 1 even. It seems like at that age even many goldens are so excitable!

Cute pics!

The Montieth Family said...

Hi Sarah-
I've been waiting for a new post...hint-hint! ; P Reading your blog makes me miss you girls SO MUCH! I love, love, love Eliza's perfect hand stands-her balance is very GOOD! Where did she come up with doing handstands?! Her little belly looks SO CUTE! And, you have the best dogs ever! That Hogan is so calm and patient for a puppy. I love how Eliza is just hanging with them--precious! Gosh, if Emma did that with Jack and Mikey; Jack would be growling and Mikey would be trying to get away-*lol*!! Hugs and Kisses to my favorite Ray girls!
Love, Megan