Monday, January 19, 2009

Allie turned 13 and MLK Bowling

Allie turned 13 yesterday...can it be? She's now a teenager? I remember when she was Eliza's of those "I feel so old" moments; sort of like when you go bee-bopping out of the house feeling good about how you look, still feeling 30 something, then you walk past a mirror and see yourself...your bee-bop goes flat and you suddenly feel your age, your weight, your grey and your droop! Anyway, she got a laptop for her mom asked me if I remembered what I got for my 13th birthday? ... Um, no.... She said that she gave each of us girls (my sisters and I) our first makeup. Wow, how do you go from makeup to a laptop in 30 years? Actually, 30 years sounds like a long time (another feeling old moment) so I guess it's possible. That and the fact that I was still using the Encyclopedia, Nat'l Geographic, Science Encyclopedia's, etc., to do research and homework assignments back then. Rarely even used a typewriter?! Today...anyone w/ school age kids knows that a kid now does powerpoints for school!! (So, I ran out to the store and got Allie some makeup!...) Thanks for reminding me of the simple pleasures of turning into a young lady, Mom. Allie took off upstairs w/ her girlfriends and had fun putting on a "beautiful face"...I guess some things really haven't changed.

The birthday sleep-over and celebration continued into today, MLK Day, so I took the girls and Eliza and I bowling. What a hoot that was. Eliza loved seeing the balls whizzing down the lanes, pins crashing, lights flashing and could barely contain herself as she had to wait her turn. She lasted 1 game (10 frames) before sheer exhaustion, over-stimulation, unlimited bowling alley frenchfries, Skittles and the excitement turned her into the lovely "Linda Blair, Exorcism" child. Joy! Fortunately, the girls were all exhausted from a late night of staying up singing very loudly to all their favorite songs, drinking rootbeer floats, Doritos, dancing and many other very 13 year old we headed back home and are now under a winter weather advisory...teasing us with a forecast of 2-4 inches of SNOW!!!! (Of course, all the districts surrounding us already closed school for tomorrow just at the forecast alone. We're still waiting to see if our district will close tonight. The snow isn't forecasted 'til tomorrow. Gotta love living in the south!)


The Montieth Family said...


Ten frames of bowling is a long time for a 3 year old...Emma would have been toast for sure! Eliza and Allie looked SO cute on the lane together! And, I loved the picture of Allie opening her laptop, I could almost hear the 3 girls screeching and giggling. :) I think that for my 13th birthday I received a nightgown and Bon Jovi tape...*lol*!!! Oh and I know that feeling of thinking that you are looking pretty darn good and then...sigh...

Anyway, buck up for the big storm...2-4 inches...whoo-hoo! ;-)

Hugs, Megan

Amy said...

I love the question, how do you go from makeup to a laptop in 30 years? It really shows how much we have today...and what we think we must have. We have 5 computers in our house. Kind of sick! I love that you got her makeup! My 15 year old still doesn't wear makeup...but then this is Europe. Allot of girls don't wear makeup here.
Happy Birthday to your big girl!

Truly Blessed! said...

Well, happy birthday, Allie!

Bowling looks like fun. We haven't tried that yet, maybe soon?

Are you aware that the Director of YD is coming to GWCA's East Meets West conference in Baltimore/DC in April? Hmmmmm, wondering if it's worth it to drive there... (crazy idea, I know).

BUT, we are most-likely coming your way for our Spring Break. We would LOVE to see your family if we do. Remember, we have travel mates in Cary, and special YD friends in Raleigh, whom we'd also love to see, oh, and family down south NC and in SC...

But maybe you'll be in CHINA in April, right? ; )