Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snowing in the south!

Yep, school was cancelled at 9:30 p.m. last night. Some time during the night it started snowing. It's been very windy so the actual accumulated amount is suspect, but they're reporting 5 inches...we've seen it over 7 inches here at our farm. Keep in mind, we're in the South. We haven't had a snowfall like this in at least 5 years. .....You know you live in the South when it snows:

1) Instead of seeing traditional sleds, you see all the water accessories from the summer come out (tubes, floats, boogie boards, etc.)!
2) Kids think they're dressed warm to play in the snow in their jeans and a jacket (hats? mittens? boots?)!
3) You don't see snowmobiles, but you do see 4 wheelers!
4) School gets cancelled just at the forecast alone (there's been times that the snow missed us and kids got to stay home on a glorious, sunny 50 degree day)!
5) Everything shuts down, except Starbucks and Food Lion grocery stores.
6) Anything over 4 inches of snow, you can count on school being cancelled the following day too!

Okay, so here's some photos from this a.m. I promise you in the pictures of the 4 wheeler pulling the sled, Dad was driving very, very slow. Also, keep in mind, that my animals are southern born and bred...they do have warm places to go so don't feel sorry for them in these pictures; but thought the pictures were funny and worthy to post. Lastly, I guess once you're 13, you don't have to dress in what mom thinks is best for you anymore...she lasted about 10 minutes in her NON-waterproof attire. As for Eliza, she lasted about that long too simply because her cheeks were bright red from the wind and she kept losing a mitten (it is 25 degrees outside). She did enjoy the snow though and thought it was funny being bundled up in so many layers. Once the two girls were back in the house, "northern mom" and "thinks he's northern (mid-atlantic) dad" went right back outside again 4 wheeling w/ Hogan running beside us. It was a blast and Hogan LOVED the snow. He didn't want to come back in... Enjoy the pictures.


The Montieth Family said...


It looks like you all had a lot of fun! You'd never guess that the girls lasted such a short time! :)
Seven inches IS a LOT in North Carolina!!!!

I love, love the close up of E! She is precious!

Love, Megan

Tiffany said...

Looks like so much fun! I love all the photos! I also love your description of the day.

My hubby would be doing the same thing with the 4 wheeler and the sled.
SO funny!

Happy Chinese New Year!

Beverly said...

so did you let the chicken in?

Truly Blessed! said...

Love all of the snow pictures! Poor little chicken wants inside! Did you ever let it in?