Monday, June 09, 2008

School's out for the summer!

Swimming w/ the big kids in the 5 ft section!
So independent...
Kept trying to swim away from the camera and daddy in the pool!!!

Just a quick post. Our meeting w/ the preschool services at our school system last week went well. We have more evaluations pending still as well as an audiology screening and an appt w/ a pediatric othamologist. Eliza failed the vision screening that they performed at the meeting. A "crescent" appeared in both eyes with their MTI photoscreening camera. This indicates that she probably has a vision impairment w/ either near or farsightedness. So the appt w/ the opthamologist will clear that up and whether she'll need glasses or not going forward. Don't know how I'll keep glasses on her since these days she won't keep sunglasses on or even keep a clip in her hair?!

As for the pool this summer, she's a fish! Today, she enjoyed being tossed into the air and under the water she'd go. Hmmm... She is so tan already and with the 103 degree days we've had already, I'm happy to be in the pool with her. Hope you're all staying cool!

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Truly Blessed said...

Sorry about your high temps. Thankfully, you've got a pool to cool off in!

I wouldn't worry about Eliza keeping her glasses on -- because she'll be able to SEE with them on, and that's a whole lot more important than looking cute with a bow or keeping a hat on! Kids are smart, I'll bet she'll keep it on.