Monday, November 17, 2008

Artwork, Computer Skills and Ginger

Eliza's first school picture!! Not smiling, but I'm impressed that she was actually looking at the camera.

Eliza's teachers have been very pleased w/ her progress. Though they are still doing some hand-over-hand work w/ Eliza, for the most part her daily report is that she is working more and more independently at coloring inside the lines, cutting on the lines, glueing and her new favorite: stapling! Last week they made a turkey and a cornucopia (sp?).

P.S. Doesn't our granite look so pretty? And the backsplash that Derek did all by himself while we were in Kansas...

As you saw in my last post, Eliza loves getting on the computer these days and doing the Barney Dance Along Jukebox at She has such focus. I caught a great shot of Eliza and Allie side-by-side on the couch last night focused on their laptops (okay, dad's and mom's laptops). Allie was playing a "light the Christmas tree" puzzle game. It's pretty fun and hard to do. I'll have to look for the link and post it. It's a great on-line puzzle.

Lastly, here's the newest little stray that wandered (or was dropped off) to our farm. Like we need more wandering cats out here. She won't let us touch her, but she appreciates that we are feeding her. She's probably 10 weeks old. So tiny (that's a small pumpkin that she's next to) and really pretty (a tortoiseshell, no white). When I first saw her, I thought she was a raccoon. She has taken over our front porch and spends the days and nights sleeping in the rocking chair that used to be our cat, Rosie's, spot. Rosie is very miffed, as you can imagine. This little kitten tho, named her Ginger, took right over. For a kitten shy of people, it's funny how she has stayed right by the front door. As I always tell the kids, don't get attached. We have many strays (cats, dogs) that call us home for a short time and then wander on. It's sad because some have been so friendly and have stayed for months and months, then suddenly disappear and we never know what happened to them. So, for now, this is "Ginger".


Truly Blessed! said...

Wow, Eliza's art projects are pretty cool (can't wait until my sweet ones start making Mommy crafts for the holidays!) and I love her piggy tails in her school picture...

Our cat is g-o-n-e. Haven't a clue where she went. Gone for a month and a half now...Poor Katie keeps calling "Banjo, Banjo!" hoping to give her some kitty treats. We don't know what to tell her other than Banjo went outside and didn't come back inside...

Your little Ginger kitty is sure a cutie, I hope she stays around and gets more comfortable with you all.

Meaklims said...

I love the new blog look! What a beautiful picture of Eliza, her school picture is so sweet too. :)

I really love the turkey craft, those are some colourful feathers!

Love Jill xx

Tiffany said...

Love the new blog look and the photos!

The other day Lily took out a hair barrette and said, "This is from my friend E".
She told Ty that she hasn't seen E since she was a little baby.