Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching up on photos...

Sorry that I wrote so much in my previous blog and then didn't even post any pictures! How dare I? Well, been sick here, sorry! Here's a few from the last 3 weeks...

The 3 Witches (Eliza, Allie w/ friend Stacy): "TAKE #1"

The 3 Witches: "TAKE #99"...finally one where the hats or wigs stayed on and everyone looked!
Hogan, couldn't quite muster keeping a witch hat on him afterall!

Exhausted, sorting the loot!

Eliza on a sugar high, looking on at the sorting of candy!

On the computer, her new favorite activity!

Barney dances to songs at!


Tiffany said...

Adorable witches!!!

Love Miss E's ponytails and she looks right at home on that computer! She is toooooo cute!

The Montieth Family said...


I thought that the Halloween pictures were adorable...THEN I scrolled down to Eliza on the laptop!! :O OH-MY!!! She looks so dang SMART with those glasses on and she seems to know how to navigate that PBS website! Yeah Eliza!! :) Maybe she can teach her BFF Emma how to do that the next time that we get together. Eliza's wiggies are getting long, she is just SO PRETTY! Oh, I miss the two of you like crazy.

Hugs, Megan