Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is the 1 kitten that survived birth. Mama-cat has been a great mom. The kitten is about 3 weeks old and so tiny. That's my hand in the background just to show you how small it is. Kind of looks like a little skunk doesn't it? We know who the father is...he wanders around all the farms out here. He's friendliest tom-cat...he is black w/ a white tuxedo. Notice the resemblance! The mom (the famous cat of the "Ginger-kitty and Emma-the-hen" duo is a tortoiseshell w/ big, green eyes. This kitten has some tabby stripes to him that are going to make his markings so beautiful.

As for Eliza...

Been meaning to take the camera along to the pool for some updated photos and videos since that's where we're spending most of our time. Until I actually remember to put the camera in the pool bag, all I have to offer is this video.

I've been working on having Eliza acknowledge or respond to a question or request. She has been doing excellent in either sounding "yes" or "no" and/or shaking her head to respond. Let me tell you, as a parent to a non-verbal child, just getting an appropriate response (as in yes or no) is such a growth.

I was really worried about Eliza being away from school for the summer months and had to think long and hard about what I wanted to concentrate on with her during the summer. After a few days at the pool and noticing everyone saying "hi" or asking her questions, I decided to focus on helping others and Eliza get "focused" on one another (teaching them how to get into her space and get that response from Eliza and getting Eliza to feel comfortable enough to make the eye contact with them). She is doing great. She responds faster to me and still seems to randomly ignore some people while acknowledging others. That's another subject though because I truly believe that she is more in-tune with people than we realize and that she is picking up on some energy...

Anyway, pardon the summer pj's and bed-head in this video. I'm so proud of her!


Tiffany said...

Love that video of Miss E!

Also love that cute little kitten!

So funny that you mentioned Lily and Eliza resembling each other in that photo (on our blog) because I thought the same thing about that very picture.
Such special girls! I hope one day soon they can meet again!

I bet Miss E is too cute at the pool. Can't wait to see photos or video of that!

The Montieth Family said...

Sarah-I played Eliza's video 3 times...I could not get enough of her! I *loved* hearing her voice say "Momma"! And, her HUGE smile while playing her tooth brush was adorable!She has matured SO MUCH! I have the same challenges with Emma around some people, I will have to call you up and get some socialization tips! :) The baby kitty is soooo cute, oh my! How is the Momma feeling? I miss you my friend! Love: Megan

Kristi said...

Eliza is so precious!!!! What a little sweetheart... And yes - the yes/no response is HUGE with a child with autism. Sounds like you are thinking strategically this summer. Wish you had some help though, you are going to get exhausted with the mom/therapist dual role. You might want to consider hiring a teenager to "play" with E (keep her engaged) a couple of times a week so you can grab a teeny bit of down time..