Thursday, June 04, 2009

Eliza in June: Very deliberate, very opinionated...very communicative! She "told" me that I didn't buckle her into the car seat the other morning by saying "mama...MAMA" until I turned around from the front seat and she was pulling on the seat belt trying to do it herself. She "reminded" me to give her a vitamin this morning saying "mama" and pointing to the cabinet w/ a big smile. She's also been talking back to us in a sassy, too-big-for-her-britches way already trying to negotiate with us...sounds very chinglish and we don't know what she's saying other than understanding her tone and feistiness. She looks right into our eyes and leans her face forward (chin out) and tells you off. It's very funny. Eliza has been making lots of choices herself too(what cereal to eat, what to pack in her lunch...) and even what to buy at the grocery store. Much to Daddy and Allie's delight, she chose Fruit Loops and Corn Pops (yuck). And the other day, after getting her dressed, she picked out a different shirt and pushed it at me. I've been finding her dresser drawers open and certain pieces of clothing pulled out. Hmmm. Lastly...drum roll, she's been waking up dry and peeing on the potty in the a.m.


The Montieth Family said...

A new post...and a FUNNY one!I am so proud of Eliza for making choices, communicating and sassing back to her Mama! :) It sounds like Eliza is turning yet another corner. A big milestone. The pictures are wonderful as always, I see that the glasses are back! :)

{Hugs}! Megan

Kristi said...

What a doll in her piggies, glasses, and little mini dress!! Love her June attitude too; she sounds happy to be expressing herself so. You go Eliza!!

Anonymous said...

Your getting some big Eliza. No sassing mommy and daddy, but you are a very good girl peeing on the potty.

Love Aunt Dar

babyarnie said...

Look at her all grown up!!