Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eliza has had a very vocal week. Lots of what appears to be conversations with me. Here's a few videos of some major accomplishments just this week: responding to me about whether she needs a diaper change, followed up with getting me a clean diaper; and also the types of "conversations" we've had.


The Montieth Family said...

Oh Sarah-

I watched both videos with a huge smile on my face! Greg heard your voice & said "Is that Sarah"?! :) You are adorable behind the camera. I was giggling when Eliza was insisting on some juice...both of mine are addicted to apple juice! She has gotten very LOUD and communicative! :)I liked the first video of her getting her diaper and Derek sipping his mug of coffee. :D I am sooo proud of Eliza. Oh my has she grown and made humungous strides. She also looks just beautiful! I want to see her in real life again so that I can hug her! She is an inspiration. Wow. :)

Kristi said...

Darling. Simply amazing progress. Love it!

Jean said...

It is so wonderful to see how well she is doing! She is a beautiful little girl! You are really an awesome parent!!