Monday, July 13, 2009

"Monday Moments" to share:
Eliza came and told me "bath" and led me to the bathtub this morning!
She responded to "no" several times over the weekend!
She's now taking off her own diaper when it's wet
(you know what comes next...wet carpets)!
When "someone" came in thru the front door and didn't remember to lock it behind them, twice Eliza scooted out the front door w/ a very satisfying grin on her face.
Both times (fortunately) she was caught in the act and managed to open the front door and come back inside when we said "no".
We're off to a good start for the week...
her chatter continues and now includes some repetitive vocal responses
(yes, please, thank you, hi)


The Montieth Family said...

Hey Lady!

I am thrilled that Eliza is exhibiting repetive vocal responses, that is such a great step! I am honored that I got to hear her say "hi" on the phone! It is great that she is taking off her wet diaper now...I've got to tell ya that Emma never did that and Sophie is still clueless. Have you read the book? HINT HINT. I bet that she is ready now? :) And, thinking of E scooting out the front door is making me laugh...she is a spunky one! :P Oh and I almost forgot, that is incredible that she said bath!!!

E IS TALKING.....Whooo-hooo!!!! :)

Tiffany said...

Just getting caught up on your posts.... I am behind as you might notice.
I love checking in to see what Miss E is up to.
It always puts a smile on my face! She is one amazing girl!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi said...

Just having time to grab a moment to say that E's progress is awesome ...aren't our girls finally having more and more of those truly connected moments?? Just wonderful. E's receptive ability is just amazing ..she's a smart little girl, it's so easy to tell that.

The Ninja Boy said...

I'm glad that I found your blog and reading about Eliza. Great going.