Thursday, September 03, 2009

First day back to school!
September 2, 2009

Last year's first day of school!
October 2008

...And the memory of how she matured in just the first month of school last year...
Last November 2008!

I've neglected Eliza's blog and I feel terrible.
Yesterday was Eliza's first day back to school.
Her teachers said she seemed happy to be back.
And that she picked the routine right up again.

There are 8 children in the class this year!
One other girl named Eliza and Olivia, how fun.
Let's hope that Olivia enjoys being as girly as Eliza.

Does she look a year older?
I can't believe it.
She looked so big coming down the school hallway yesterday afternoon.
I've been looking back at our China photos from 2006.
My goodness...has it been 3 years?
So, what am I going to do with my 6 hours of free time now?
Pack for China!!!!
Leaving 9/19...time to get busy.


The Montieth Family said...


After receiving your email I was hoping to find pictures on the blog! :) I love Eliza's haircut, it is VERY cute and flattering on her. Makes me want to cut Emma's hair! I love the flashback pictures too! Her carrying Barney last year and a lunch bag this year! Eliza DOES look much, much older this year! :) But, as gorgeous as always! Ohhh just wait until you have TWO of them to get ready in the morning! :D

Tiffany said...

LOVE Miss E's "DO".... she is getting so big and how has the time gone by so quickly... seems I was just following your journey.

mom2eliza said...

Silly Megan, I already have two to get ready. Allie's bus comes at 6:20 a.m.; imagine waking a 13 yo up for that! And if she misses the bus, Eliza and I (in pj's) have to drive her. The real fun is going to be when I have to get three girls up and ready and to three different schools! Ack!!!!

day by day said...

Hey Sarah!

I was wondering how you guys are doing. I hope you got all those lengthy e-mails I sent you a few weeks back. lol! Hope ya didn't all asleep reading them. : )

You got your TA!!!!! Soooo happy for you!!!!

I love the pictures of Eliza's first day of school. I hope she has a wonderful year!

Sophie is being put into a program through our county where she will go from 9 to 2 four days a week. The bus will transport her and she will eat lunch there each day. I think the consistency of this program will really help her and get her ready for Kindergarten next year.

Happy Packing!!!


Colin and Jill Canada said...

I don't think she looks much older, but her hair is so darn cute! :)

Happy Packing, I'm SO thrilled for you! I'd LOVE to be going back to China, such an amazing country.

Jill xx

Truly Blessed said...

Can't believe it's been almost 3 years - where does the time go?

So excited that you're so close to bringing Ava home. Can't wait to see you with that gorgeous child!

babyarnie said...

Oh look how much she grew that first year. Why can't our babies stay little forever??