Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moments of reflection

So, first of all, I'm going to be closing out my "journey to me" journal site, which was the start of my journaling for Eliza. It's bittersweet to me. It's the place that I chronicled life just before Eliza, thoughts about Eliza and of course, our China trip. It's the place that I kept up w/ being at home w/ Eliza and it's one of my favorite places to look at and re-read...over and over. * * My how she has grown since being that little peanut! * * I'm going to have it printed on CD and I'm debating about whether I pay the fee for a Keepsake Book. I've decided that I'll close that journal after the last entry in August, which will be...TA DA... Eliza's and my trip to Kansas to spend a few days w/ 2 of our Yangdong family friends (Megan and daughter Emma; Julie, from Oregon, and daughter Jaiden). I think that will appropriately be a full circle moment for both Eliza and myself.

Eliza's referral photo...taken approx July 2005

Eliza today...July 2008!

I've realized I'm not much of a photographer...that or my camera just stinks. Two other Yangdong family friends whose blogs I enjoy catching up on (Tiffany and Kelly) are quite the photographers...colors, lighting, of course their "subjects" are so photogenic too. Anyway, I've been trying to capture the sunflowers in bloom and our hen, Emma, posing (rousting) at dawn next to them, but couldn't quite do it justice.

Everyone keeps asking me if I've noticed a difference w/ Eliza having glasses. Yes, definitely! She is actually watching tv now and she is enjoying her puzzles. Don't think I'm not going to let this child sit and watch a tv program either. It's long overdue and a joy for me to see her "watching" the program. Of course, having a 3 year old home all day, it's a nice distraction for me to be able to get some things done too!!

Eliza watching Barney!!!!


Tiffany said...

Oh my.... Miss E sure has grown and changed! She was and is such a beautiful little girl!

Bless your VERY sweet heart for mentioning my photos!! It really makes my day!!!!!

I love all of your photos of Miss E and I also love this photo of Emma and the sunflowers. That is really nice!

Your upcoming trip sounds like a lot of fun... I can't wait to see pictures from that.

Truly Blessed said...

Man, oh man, she's beautiful! How can you NOT take a great picture of her?

I love her little glasses -- how much cuter could he be?

And, something you need to know about my photos -- for every one I post, there are probably 14 or 15 that I didn't post!

By the way, I love the picture of the chicken with the sunflowers. That's something we don't see around here very often!

Have a WONDERFUL time with the YD moms and girls. "Hi" to them from me, too!

Truly Blessed said...

Um, I meant how much cuter could SHE be? Sorry!