Friday, July 25, 2008

Seeing well...

Eliza is doing great keeping her glasses on. This was the first week at The Little Gym that she had her glasses and boy did she improve; finally loving the balance beam. Before this, she was a little afraid of the height; I'm sure now, it was because she couldn't see well. She also got into the obstacle course more than ever this week.

I'm only finding the glasses left around the house once or twice a day (oy...note to self, buy a brighter, colored pair next time). Boy do her eyes look tired when she takes them off and isn't wearing them. She rubs and rubs at her eyes when her glasses are off. It's so funny watching her push them up on her nose to adjust them. (We've had to get them adjusted a few times; I think we've got it now. Gotta love her tiny little flat nose!)

So, on the Eliza, Hogan and I front, we have been enjoying our morning walks together. Sadie is just too old to handle a daily jaunt anymore. Hogan is doing great on leash and following the heel command. He walks right beside the jogger and sits when we stop. I've taught him to sit when a car approaches, other walkers, joggers, dogs approach. I especially wanted him to get used to walking beside the jogger so that when he is in "therapy" dog mode and we're visiting hospitals or nursing homes, he won't be bothered by the wheelchairs and won't try to climb up on people either. (My 12 yo lab, still has to walk in front of or criss-cross the jogger.) He has been so easy to train and is the most obedient dog. He's only 7 months old. He adores Eliza too. The two of them are always together. It's really special to watch.

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Tiffany said...

I showed Lily this picture of Eliza and she said, "Eliza E E has long lady hair like I do".
Miss E is just precious with her glasses and she and Hogan are so cute together!