Friday, July 25, 2008

While I was posting...

While I was posting the last entry, it dawned on me that the room got very quiet. (Eliza was watching Berenstein Bear's and bouncing on the couch.) I turned to look for her and found her sound asleep in a sitting position on the's only noon?

Here's a photo of Hogan and Allie. Allie has grown so tall and filled out over the summer. She's the best big sister too. She has earned quite a bit of money babysitting (her sister) this summer, giving Derek and I golf time. We're playing in a Friday night couple's league. Allie has also been reluctantly selling her old horse things on craigs list (saddle, helmet, boots, etc.). She's been very brave during this transition time. She was so sweet, she bought me a t-shirt from our local Feed Store yesterday. It has a horse's face on it w/ a ring of flowers framing the horse. The horse looks exactly like Clark. She said it was the only one and was the first shirt she saw when she went into the store. She said it was a sign from Clark. How precious!

Just a little Clark story to share...we bought him shortly after moving to the farm. When we brought him home, he settled in as if he'd lived here before. I had my show horse "Louie" (Louis) at the time and Clark's name, when we bought him, was CJ. So, because he settled so quickly and was so great on the trails, we named him Clark...after Louis and Clark. Well, some months went by and we were cleaning out one of the many sheds on the property. We came across an oil painting, sitting high on the shelf in the shed, it was done by the young girl who lived on the farm before us. It was a very, very good painting of a horse. Well, guess who the horse looked like? You got it, Clark. So, from then on, we decided that perhaps Clark had lived here before? Who knows?? Either way, he lived a happy life here and gave our (then) little girl lots of happy memories. Thanks for taking such good care of Allie, Clark!

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Tiffany said...

That is so funny that Miss E fell asleep....

Bless Allie's sweet heart for getting you that tshirt.

Miss E and Allie are such sweet beautiful girls!