Thursday, April 23, 2009

I apologize for the previous non-Eliza posts. Here's a few Easter photos for your viewing pleasure. Our dear friends-like-family, George and Judy, put on a Scavenger Easter Egg Hunt. This was very serious business...rules and all.

There's also a video with Eliza saying my favorite word "mama"...also her favorite lately...she says it all day long. Sometimes just babbling; other times, very purposeful. Just hearing it is food for my soul though. This morning, she walked into our bedroom and softly said "hey". Then, she said "Daddy". (Derek's out of town.) The rest of the morning, it's been "mama". In the video, you'll hear her try to say "juice". This is the first time she's actually said it! Her teachers told me that she had the best day ever yesterday. She was really focused and a sponge. It must be the pep-talks we have in the car on the way to school when I tell her to use her manners, have fun, smile, be silly, be nice to her friends, listen, talk, try to go on the potty and that I want to hear good things when I come back in the afternoon to pick her up.

Did I mention that we're DTC (dossier to China for you non-adoption speaking folks)!! Sorry, I had to slip that in there because I woke up this morning and reminded myself that I don't have to do any paperwork today! Alrighty, enjoy...


Natalie said...

OK now that looks like too much fun!!
The video is adorable. What a cute little bug you have.

The Montieth Family said...

I watched this video 4 times. :)

I heard Eliza say "juice" and I laughed when she pulledthe container up to her. I *love* how she says Momma....precious girl!:) She has grown up SO MUCH since last August, it's amazing. I think that she is doing GREAT and I am so glad to hear that she is doing well in school too!!!!

Your friends are too funny with their egg hunt. I would be nervous participating...too many directions! ;P

Hugs, M

Tiffany said...

Miss E saying Mama and juice is SOOOOOOOOOOOO wonderful! I love her voice and how hard is trying. Oh she is quite the girl!

As always she is just too cute.... what a beautiful little lady!!!!!!!

Meaklims said...

Awww, Mama. You are a wonderful Mama Sarah! I love how Eliza signs please and thank you. Lilah does the sign for those two words too! She is just darling!

Kristi said...

E's words are so cute and clear!! ...Our special little girls sure know how to touch their mamas' thirsty hearts don't they? All it takes is a single spoken word, a purposeful sign, or an unprompted hug or kiss and we are putty in their hands!! ...Also, sounds like E is doing an awesome job at school too - she is really blossoming. Go Eliza!!
Kristi (& Vivianna)

babyarnie said...

You are the best Mama! The sign language is beautiful and I heard Juice too!! How exciting!