Thursday, April 02, 2009

Today, APRIL 2, is World Autism Awareness Day
April is Autism Awareness month
Please take less than 1 minute to watch the 2 videos here

Will you go for a walk today
(or sometime this month, for you non walkers)
While you walk
Take a moment to say a prayer or make a donation or simply be a friend
Talk to your children about being a friend to the
1 in 150 children diagnosed with autism today
Do it for Autism awareness, research, a cure
Eliza and I thank you for your love and support

And to Amy, Beth, Kristi, Melissa, Pam, Rachel, Yolanda...
my growing number of mom friends
both home and here in the blog world
who tirelessly champion their children
who despite their diagnosis
grow and succeed in their achievements daily...

I send you hugs, high 5's (and a vacation, if I could)

You rock, your kids are amazing and you're an inspiration!


Kristi said...

Right back at ya Sarah!!

Your love and dedication to Eliza is heart touching and inspiring.

You are a super mom and cyber friend!

Meaklims said...

You are an amazing mommy Sarah. You are an inspiration to all of us, so warm and loving.

Eliza is just beautiful and I adore her crocs! Can she ever jump!

I will pray for you. God gives some of us a special calling in life, but only those He knows are strong enough.

May He bless your sweet little Eliza and your soon-to-be beautiful little flower too.

Jill xx

Reena said...

Well now I'm the computer dolt!

I just noticed you have this blog as well.

Eliza is darling! Josie has some pink crocs that she adores as well. Wants to where them everywhere even though they are 2 sized too big!


The Montieth Family said...

I love E's Crocs!

Of course we will walk...the girls and I will go tomorrow. And pray for a cure.

You ARE an amazing Mom Sarah!

Natalie said...

Sarah, what a beautiful post!
Thank you for making us more aware.
Hugs to you

OH< i love your blog!!!
I tried doing this one for a friend of mine but couldn't find it.
It's really beautiful!

Brooke said...

We love the website! We will keep checking it out! Thanks for all you do for her...she is an amazing little girl. We enjoy her in our class!
Ms. Brooke
Mrs. Susan