Monday, March 30, 2009

First of all, go check out my blog (Birds at the Feeder), link is in the sidebar to the right. I uploaded some wonderful videos of our hen and kitty together.

Here's a video of Eliza doing some signing. Some signs that aren't on the video are: book, i love you, walk, bad, good... I think that's it. You still have to demonstrate for her, but more and more she is doing spontaneous signing for things (just now, she signed help because she wants to watch a video on my laptop and I'm typing on it). So, she's finally learning some positive means of communication, but with that, she is learning the power of communication -- so when she doesn't get her way and she has signed something to you, she gets very annoyed. Note to self: I need to remember to learn the sign for wait and/or patience!!!


Kristi said...

Eliza is doing so awesome!! She seems very happy being able to sign with you and looks so darn cute doing so! ...And, I know exactly what you mean; whenever Vivianna requests something (with a sign, a point, or a verbal approximation of some sort), she expects us to jump right to it!! Usually, we do just that but lately her love of Orajel toothpaste is over the top and I am needing to set some limits.
Incidentally, Eliza seems to have very good motor skills (her jumping, dancing, and signing skills seem very age appropriate if not advanced). Vivianna really struggles with certain motor skills (e.g. to this day, she still can't jump, she is still working on peddling a tricycle for more than a few peddles, and she can't dance - poor thing!). Vivianna's receptive skills are very good and she is a natural with visual discrimation and has an amazing memory, while tasks involving lots of motor planning often are often very difficult for her. She does sign "Mama", an awkward but cute "Daddy", cookie, up, down, movie, more, all done, and help. Anyway, looks like Eliza may really excel with signing where as Vivianna will likely end up using a CHAT PC and/or PECS as her main supplemental expressive communication mode.

Tiffany said...

Miss E...... what can I say.... she is one fabulous girl!

Lily carries Eliza E's picture everywhere! (the one you sent of you and Eliza)

Which reminds me.... I am so sorry that we have yet to send Miss E's birthday present. It will be on the way soon. I promise!

The Montieth Family said...

You NEED to teach Eliza to sign:
"I ROCK"! Because Sarah, she really does! ;)