Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring keeps teasing us w/ barefeet days... I just love Eliza's artwork that comes home with her from school. Wish my toes were this pretty!

Got my computer back w/ a brand new keyboard...ahhh...happy fingers again. Also, I had gotten some bug on my hard drive, slowing my processor down terribly, so they fixed that too. In the meantime, something happened to our ability to view Eliza's videos. She was devastated (as you can see by her tears in the video that I uploaded here). Thankfully, we fixed it. She loves watching herself on the videos and loves to "do" whatever she was doing in the video when the video is over (dance, jump on the trampolene, play knock-knock with her house and mommy). It's really funny, she'll sign "more" while she watches herself on the video signing "more". After every video, she gets down from my lap or the chair, runs and does whatever she was doing in the video then comes back to watch another one. Smart cookie!

Sorry I've been such a lazy blogger...I've been other-blog obsessed lately: I was obsessed with checking Megan's blog 100 times a day while she was in China the last week and a half. I was obsessed with seeing Mia Hope finally join her family as I checked Robin's (Red Threads) blog 100 times a day... This week there are 2 families in Nanning (where we will be) receiving there daughters. One is from Meiying's orphanage and the other is not, but she's 10, so I've been obsessed checking their blogs. I'm definitely getting the China itch and am in that 2nd/3rd trimester stage of being foggy brained and tired all the time (pollen, I know), gaining weight and nesting (throwing out all the clutter)! Alright, gotta scoot to the UPS store to send off documents to the NY and Los Angeles Consulates for authentication!!!


Kristi said...

Ahhhh, poor baby!! Isn't it heart breaking when they turn on the tears??!! She's so beautiful and seems so sweet.
...We just finished our 2nd homestudy (she asked to come today instead of Thursday). Yippee - one more thing off my to-do list.
And, Vivianna just broke her brand new DVD player (we got it Sunday) so I imagine we are in for waterworks here shortly as well!!

RamblingMother said...

Aww poor baby. Glad you got the videos fixed. Cool feet!

Meaklims said...

I adore her st pattys day necklace! Awesome!