Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eliza's class usually has one field trip per month focused on a sensory-rich exploration. I had forgotten to post the last trip (I posted to Facebook, but not Blog...shame on me). Anyway, that trip was to rollerskating! Wow...that was so fun. Eliza is a natural. They tighten the kids' wheels; they can still roll, but have to work at it more. She was off on her own tho. Me...it all came back 30+ years later...the twirls, skating backwards...such a good time. E loved skating into the middle and then watching everyone whiz by her. She was smiling and dancing to the music. It was so cute. Next time, loosen her wheels; my girl is ready to roll. Count on it.

So, today, E had another big day. She rode a school bus for the very first time! Her class was invited to join the kindergarten class on their field trip to the Marble's Children Museum downtown Raleigh. Of course, I went along, but had to drive by myself. She had a blast. I forgot my camera, but her teacher took lots of pics that she said she would e-mail to me. (Her veteran teacher kept pointing out older kids that were non-verbal at E's age and would say, "Look at them now!" It was very sweet of her. ) I've always said that I long to hear Eliza's voice, but being able to communicate with us in a non-verbal way is okay; just want her to be able to communicate in a positive way and a way that other's will eventually be able to understand (ie not hitting her head out of frustration, scratching you to get your attention, throwing a water bottle at you to tell you she wants a drink -- thankfully, she hasn't done any of that for months now).

If I ever doubt that Eliza isn't listening or watching, she washes away those doubts in amazing, surprising ways....DRUM ROLL PLEASE: Tonight, E kept getting out of bed and coming downstairs. After several times, I got up and intercepted her on the stairs. This time, I asked her to tell my why she wouldn't stay in bed. I said, "Talk to mommy and tell me what you need." She looked me deep in the eyes for seconds, then slowly and steadily she looked at her hand...(Eliza will quite often tell you what she wants by looking at something or looking deep into your eyes, like "read my thoughts, mommy, you know me" and it's important to not give it to her, but rather have her point to it or sign). So on the stairs, I slowly followed her gaze and I saw that she was signing the universal handsign for "love" to me. Wow! A tearful moment and overwhelming love washed over me. You can imagine. It felt like it happened in slow motion and just like when we occasionally hear her say a word, you are almost in disbelief. But I saw it and I made sure I said it out loud to her so that she knew I understood what she was telling me. Don't you know, she stayed in bed after that. She had to tell me that she loved me. Beautiful!

Her teachers have noticed that Eliza is so on and doing things so purposeful and we've noticed it too. Problem is, because she's so quiet, if you're not watching her, you can miss some things. Like tonight on the stairs, had I not followed her gaze, I would've missed such an important communication. It was purposeful and it was as good as words to this mommy's heart.

Here's some video; you can see how purposeful and receptive she is to the beat and the lyrics that thankfully, she doesn't understand much of in this distasteful song (I'm feeling very old). Forgive my 13 year old's music choice and my hunky (not to be confused w/ honky) husband's dance moves! Enjoy...


Rachel said...

I am in tears over the love thing. You must have felt so terrible for trying to get her to bed, but so elated that she just HAD to tell you that. Knowing what you've gone through, I know how much that means to you.

I love Eliza's dancing - she's definitely got rhythm.

As a mother who's been in a similar situation as you, I have to say she seems to be doing amazingly well. You are so right to focus on the meaningful communication and not the talking. Remember, only about 10% of our communication is actually with our voices.

Have a great week (or the rest of it)

Amy said...

She is amazing! How beautiful!!!

Kristi said...

Great idea; we need to take Vivianna roller skating one day too! And, wow, how heart touching is it that Eliza just HAD to tell her Mommy how much she loved her before going to sleep for the night!! What a sweetie pie!! She seems so happy to sharing her thoughts with you. I tell you, this is going to be the year that our girls begin to really blossom!! And boy can E dance. You go girl!!

Truly Blessed! said...

What a darling dancer!

And how in tune you are with her, good for you! I'd have let her stay up after the love thing!

Such a beautiful girl.

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

That girls got the move! I enjoyed that so much! She is too cute for words!

So so sweet how she Eliza showed her mommy her love!


Meaklims said...

Hehe, she can move!!

RamblingMother said...

What a wonderful story! thanks for sharing. Love her dance moves. She is serious about dancing!

Natalie said...

A touching post! I love those kind of stories that make your heart melt.