Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Here's some more birthday pictures. Make sure to watch the birthday video; it cracks me up every time. You'll see in the video that she finally "got it" this year...my little sweetie pie. She is making progress, slowly, but that's okay! Birthday gifts included the trampolene, a new Barney book, Fancy Nancy book and (my favorite) Puff the Magic Dragon book (remember that song?). The book came with a CD of the song (not the original PPM version, but a solo version by Peter of PPM -- Peter, Paul & Mary, if I'm dating myself -- and his daughter. I love it! Anyway, E came down w/a cold last night at bed time and was full-blown today. The trampolene is not staying in the house, but since there's snow on the ground and she needed some exercise, we began setting it up today. Of course, we let her jump on it!! Tonight, she wanted me to lay in bed w/ her...sniffle, sniffle, cough, cough. In true Eliza form, she started out snuggling tightly into me and then became giddy with love (hee, hee) or sensory (probably), but started tugging on my short hair (giggling), then found my ear lobe and tugged on that (giggling)...over and over again. I had to laugh with her. She is so funny at times.


Kristi said...

Looks like she truly enjoyed her birthday. I love the video of her blowing out the candles; so sweet! And boy can she go to town on her new trampoline - perfect gift for her!! Eliza is going to blossom in her 4th year!! She looks so happy and, of course, adorable.

The Montieth Family said...

THANKS for posting the PRECIOUS birthday video...she looked SO HAPPY! :D I am glad that you set up her trampoline up for her inside. :)
Hugs and Love U!

RamblingMother said...

wonderful pics, wonderful party.