Friday, May 15, 2009

Been having busy days here. Nothing much to tell just day-to-day stuff. Winding down the school year w/ only 4 weeks left. The pool opens next weekend...I can't believe that the '08 school year is ending and that the '09 pool season is beginning.

Derek was invited by one of his customers to attend the BMW Golf Tournament in SC this week and while riding the bus from the parking lot to the golf course, he sat next to a woman and a dog in training to be in service for autism. Check it out:
Two of the many things the dogs are trained for is to "protect" the child from themselves...herding a child to stay inside the boundaries of the property...alerting parents when a child opens a door to go outside, etc., etc...all things that we are beginning to deal with with Eliza. Surely, Hogan or Sadie can be trained to help us!

Here's some footage of Allie teaching Eliza some cheerleading moves and stretching exercises. I caln't remember if it's this video or not, but on one of them you can hear Eliza making the same sounds (not words, but sounds) as Allie. She's doing great mimicking everything and trying to make more and more sounds. She's been a pistol though since being sick...all toddler...lots of temper tantrums, very dramatic screaming and throwing her body at you or the floor when she doesn't get her way. She has also learned to smile at you though and has been using that when she wants something (smarty-pants). With Derek and I still getting our strength back after being sick, her moods have been a bit tiring. I'm allowed to say that right? Thankfully, Allie is such a good big sister. Enjoy...


Kristi said...

You bet you are allowed to say that! We have had some trying days at our house as well lately, but different challenges that I had rather not post about (will email you). I send you good luck for today and a big cold cosmo for tonight!

The Montieth Family said...

Well it's about time that you posted new pictures!!!!!!!! ;P *wink*

Such adorable videos of the girls, Eliza did a good job! :) That is great that she has learned to smile and funny (sorry) that she is using it to get her way. *lol*. YES, you are allowed to be annoyed with the screaming and tantrums...I get annoyed when my girls do that too and when I am sick it is worse....ughhhh!!! How neat that Derek met that lady on the bus. I am gonna shoot you an email Sarah.