Thursday, May 07, 2009

Okay, I get all the hints from your e-mails...I haven't updated 'cause we have all been sick. I don't have any good pictures to post not for lack of trying, but for lack of getting a picture that didn't show a runny nose. So, here's the completely random highlights of the last week:

1) Eliza had strep, an ear infection and 102 temp; and she's not a good patient.
2) At the same time, Mommy had an upper respiratory infection and wasn't very patient or comforting.

3) Daddy was away for work. Made for a very tough week.

4) A/C got a temporary patch; needs a new part, but they don't make it anymore???

5) Daddy came home from a week of meetings in Minneapolis and got sick; he's not a good patient either.

6) It's been raining, raining, raining...April showers brought all my flowers to life; and our Red Oaks in the backyard popped giving us the glorious canopy of shade that we love come summer.

7) Eliza's gladiator sandals were a success so I bought a second pair in purple, of course.

8) Allie finally went to an ortho for her knees that are constantly in pain and give out on her.

9) Diagnosis is Patellafemural Stress Syndrome (patella doesn't line up w/ the femural groove and therefore, dislocates constantly...should've seen the x-rays).

10) She will need p/t 2x per week to strengthen her inner thigh muscles. Re-eval in 6 weeks.

11) Will probably need surgery though.

12) Dad bought Mom 2 new golf clubs for Mother's Day and I love them (Taylor Made Burners - hybrids)!!

13) First Couple's Golf of the season begins this Friday which means "date night" is back on for us...ooh la la...drinks and dinner follow golf...and they have babysitting at the Club...get any better than that?

14) I've found an old childhood friend (Jocelyn) on Facebook who I haven't talked to since probably senior year of highschool. Was 1983 really 26 years ago???

15) I've been so excited to read her e-mails. She is a teacher and has been teaching special ed (children w/ autism and has 2 handsome teenage boys. I feel old...26 years???

16) It dawned on Allie yesterday that (in her words and with a big smile) "in a few short months, we're going to be a family of 6 and there will be 3 girls and mom sitting on the couch at night watching Idol! And I'll have 2 little sisters asking me to drive them places in a few years." Mom's reply: "Yes, and I'll have 1 more child making demands on me and no, I'm not ready for you to be imagining yourself driving yet. I was kind of hoping you'd be around to play board games with your sisters for a few more years!?!"

17) Eliza is constantly saying "mama" and "dada" and she's been talking back to us too (good, bad and funny).

18) My house has been neglected; we should have bought stock in Kleenex and OJ.

19) This week has been Teacher Appreciation Week: I can't thank YOU enough!

20) Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


Tiffany said...

Hope you all feel better soon! Lily and I both had it and I hope it ends there. Isn't this virus stuff suppose to take a break so we can all enjoy spring and summer? AHHHHH

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Love Tiffany

The Montieth Family said...

THIS IS THE CUTEST POST EVER...I WAS SMILING THROUGH THE ENTIRE THING! Don't feel bad; we have all been sicky here too. Greg has bronchitus, Sophie and I some evil stomach thing and Emma a cold + seasonal allergies...we have been quit the fun group. LOL. ;-)E's purple gladiators are adorable. So, are we really gonna talk next week or what?!

Kristi said...

I read this post on Thursday night and thought to myself, poor E and Sarah... Wow, I've been really lucky that Viv hasn't been sick since late January and then...Friday morning wake up and Viv is burning up with a fever but no other symptoms. Around 2 PM, she gets "sick" (poor baby) all over our couch. 3 PM, she gets her throat swabbed at the Dr.'s office. Yep, she has strep. But thankfully, she has bounced back in remarkable time.
Hope you enjoy Mother's Day. E looks adorable as always. I hope to update my blog later today.

babyarnie said...

Happy (late) Mother's Day!! I hope you are feeling better. I LOVE the purple gladiator sandals. I think they are what we called Jelly's growing up. I had a few million pairs myself.

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

So sorry you've all been sick.
Say how do you find someone on Facebook from your past if you don't know their email? I've always wondered about that.
Miss Lila in Atlanta