Saturday, September 13, 2008

E loves school!

School day #2 Lunch Note:

Today's lunch note,

Celebrates day two;
And like we talked about,
Smiles all the day thru.
So no tears today,
I'm always thinking of you;
And when the school day is over,
I'll be in the lobby again too!

Today, I didn't walk Eliza to her room. She was dropped off in the carpool line in front of the school. Her teacher opened the car door, said good morning, helped Eliza out and hand-in-hand they walked into the building. No tears, no looking back. My heart was both happy and melancholy today. With a hankering for Starbuck's though, I pulled away from the school and went to the grocery store and shopped enjoying a cup of coffee and the freedom to linger in the aisles a little bit. Ahhhh... As usual, I spotted two other Chinese girls w/ their moms (we have lots of China adoptions in our area) and I smiled and pouted for a minute, missing my daughter...

Eliza loves school and was happy to grab her backpack, wear it and go to school this morning. She was happy at pick up in the afternoon too. She continued to be full of herself, babbling and laughing into the early evening. Then, she crashed at 7:30 p.m. exhausted! She enjoys science (they are learning about tornadoes right now and how they swirl) and she loves story-time. As far as self-help skills, she is learning to wash her own face this week, in front of a mirror. All is great and I am so proud of her! She's amazing!!


The Montieth Family said...

Oh Sarah!

I LOVE the pictures of Eliza walking down the steps and out to the car, she looks like such a BIG GIRL!

I am glad that she likes school so much and I can't wait to follow her through this first year of school! : )

Are you planting your fall mums this week?

(Who wishes that the 2 E's could be in the same class at the same school so that we could go to TJ MAXX together)! : D

Tiffany said...

Oh my she does look like such a big girl... when did these girls grow up... seems like overnight.

Miss E is too cute in her pigtails!!!

Enjoy your Starbucks!!!!!!!!!

Truly Blessed said...

So grown up...what a beautiful little girl!

How are you enjoying your free time?