Monday, September 22, 2008

Silly for Fall...

Eliza still loves going to school. She came down w/ a cold around day 6, which slowed her down and made her a little out of sorts, but she gladly passed it onto mommy and was feeling much better by the end of the weekend! As for me, not so great.

We were teased w/ some gorgeous cooler weather over the weekend and of course, today is the first day of Fall. Hooray for that!

You know those first few days when you're trying to fight getting a cold and your body just feels run-down? Well, that was me yesterday. I gladly snuggled on the couch.
Eliza feeling better, still wanted to snuggle in w/ me...sort of. She was being very silly. Clearly, she didn't understand that I was not feeling well. She was trying to tickle me, stick her finger up my nose, write in my Sudoku book, jump on my stomach. I guess it's not often that I'm sitting still long enough for her to enjoy tormenting me?! So, here's some rare photos taken of Eliza and I, dressed in our pumpkin colors as we celebrated the start of Fall. I looked better than I felt and you can thank Eliza for that!


The Montieth Family said...

Oh Sarah!

You look like Mother-Daughter fashion plates. : ) It is not fair that you look so hot with a cold!!!

How sweet it was of Eliza to cheer you up (even if she did not know it)! She looks adorable as always.


Tiffany said...

Oh you poor girls.... that was us last week. I hope you feel better soon.

You girls look beautiful as always... I love your fall colors.
I wish I looked as good as you do when I don't feel well.

Truly Blessed said...

So who's taking the pictures, I ask?

Great pix of mom and daughter -- in complimenting outfits which are just too cute!

I wish I looked as good as you do when I'm sick -- you've got makeup and earrings on, you're clothed, you ROCK!