Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First day of school!

Today's Lunch Note:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Your first lunch note,
From me to you.

Your first day of school,
I'm so proud of you,
Always remember,
Mommy loves you!

Eliza chose this morning of all mornings to sleep in. Can you believe I had to wake her at 8:00 a.m.? We've been talking about school for days and days. So, once awake, she was very excited this morning...full of herself, actually.

Once at school, she walked into the classroom and joined the circle. The other little ones all said "Hi". Then she turned around and gave me a hug and a little wimper, saying "e" (which means, Barney; I didn't let her bring him into class). I knelt down with her and participated in the activity until she turned back around to her classmates. She was immediately into what they were doing. Then, I snuck out the door and NO, I DIDN'T CRY. I actually smiled and felt very good about this new day for her. My mother laughed and told me that I was probably the only mom who didn't tear up. We laughed about that.

I thought about her all day and confess that I wanted to call the school to check on her. I actually did tear up though when I went back to pick her up and waited for the class in the lobby. (They release the pre-k first so they don't get swept up in the elementary school frenzy: those that have been in the carpool line know what I'm talking about!) Anyway, around the corner came Eliza's class with guess who, front and center, holding the teacher's hand. Yes! She was walking hand-in-hand, smiling and babbling really loud. What a site! Let's hope tomorrow brings the same excitement. Her teacher said she loved "science and the puppets", one of which the teacher made sure was Barney, the best! She only cried a little in the a.m. during the first hour.

As for me, I had a great day!

Update tonight and some other tidbits: Eliza has been chatting very LOUD tonight. Funny. She smiles when I talk about school. Note in the pictures that Eliza is always holding Barney's hand? Barney is the only "doll/animal" that she holds by the hands. Yesterday, she was watching Barney and started frantically looking around the family room. Next thing you know, she beat-feet upstairs and came down w/ Barney. Awww!!! Yes, she's turning into a tv junky. She turns on the tv all the time now.

While I was making dinner, I caught this. She never plays w/ these little people this way. She actually made them stand up and face each other. You can't see it here, but the little girl has a backpack on. Hmmm....I think she was making an important connection and maybe learned a little "social play" today... Could that be, already? I had tears in my eyes watching this.


Anonymous said...

Sarita: I can't believe how GROWN UP Eliza is!!! She is so cute!!!!! I'm glad all is going well! I miss talking to you amiga! Will call soon to catch up! Love, Carmen

Tiffany said...

Oh Miss E looks SOOOOOOO precious all ready for school!
Can you believe our little girls are in school? Where did the time go?
Love the little people standing up and facing each other... Lily never did that either until recently.
So glad she had a great first day of school!!!!