Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Into the summer we swim!

(Good boy, Hogan!...Isn't he gorgeous?)

Memorial Day weekend brought the opening of our pool (the golf club's pool, that is). While the middle of the country was suffering terrible, frightening tornadoes, we actually had beautiful "Carolina" skies and weather. We spent a few hours each day at the pool and Eliza slid right into her love of the water. No fear, no hesitation; even w/ cold, cold water! Of course, that meant I had to go in too! She loves swimming. Every 50 minutes the lifeguards blow the whistle for break time (and adult swim) and it's all I can do to get her out of the water! I didn't bring my camera so no pics. I was amazed and, admittedly a little teary-eyed, at how much she's grown since our first summer together last year. She has gotten so tall that she now wears a 4T in bathing suit...how did that happen? Last year, she was in 2T. She is also much more observant of the other swimmers this year. She was watching the bigger kids dive and swim under the water and she'd shake her head no...like "no way, how did they do that?" It was hilarious. Then, she'd stand on the bottom step and hold her arms out in front of her in the dive position; then she'd back up and shake her head no again. I was cracking up. So cute. I just know that she's going to be a great swimmer.
(Helping himself to Dolly, while she's distracted!)

So, on another note, Derek "gave" me a day off from mommy duty on Saturday. Did I spend it going shopping or out to lunch with friends? No, I spent the entire day on the tractor mowing pastures. Ha, ha...You see, pre-"miss E", I was operating a horse farm on this property...boarders, lessons, the upkeep. A big job mind you. I don't miss most of it and I love spending my days with Eliza. But I do miss, some days, the alone time and freedom. So, yes, most days on a day off, I'd like to go shopping or have a girl lunch, etc., but some days, I honestly would rather have everyone leave the house so I can clean uninterrupted. Well, today, I just wanted to get the farm back to looking as picturesque as it used to. So at 7:15 a.m. I got on the tractor and didn't finish until 3:00. Every bit of the 12 acres finished and it looks so gorgeous. I used to spend hours on the tractor in the old days, day-dreaming about what Eliza was going to be like, watching the horses interract. I was a bit melancholy while mowing on Saturday. Remembering my sweet horses that I gave up for Eliza; remembering the waiting time for Eliza. Remembering what it used to feel like to ride all over the farm w/ a young rider next to me, giving a lesson, and knowing inside and out, the buttons on my lesson horses. We have only 2 horses now. Both are retired. As I was mowing, the pastures felt so large and empty. It did feel good getting caught up, but I definitely came inside and thought, that's a job for hubby and son, not mom anymore! Ha, ha, ha...
(Uh, oh...caught!)

Lastly, a few random thoughts: don't forget the senior citizens. We spend our young lives being kids and experiencing Memorial Day holidays at picnics, parades, family gatherings. Then we spend our married years setting up those traditions for our own children and hopefully, our aged parents come visit and share in it all. What about the ones that can't get to their families? My mother reminded me this morning that holidays are sad and lonely for the seniors living in her adult residential community. They feel left out and forgotten. ***I am going to look into how I can be more involved with a senior center in our area.*** I originally, planned on training Hogan to be a therapy dog (when Eliza gets into school). I wanted to take him to nursing homes and children's hospitals. That's still my plan, but in the meantime, I need to do something now. I'll have to think on that...any ideas? Maybe I can just volunteer to read a book to some seniors?
(Notice she's on her feet...mad!)

My other random thought: if you didn't already know, we started the process to adopt again. Have only accomplished the fingerprinting. I haven't collected any other documents yet. Much slower at this the second time around! Anyway, while mowing, pre-"Miss E", I used to see purple butterflies and (of course) ladybugs. So, purple was Eliza's color and I always felt that her spirit was with me when I'd see a purple butterfly. Well, the other day while mowing, I was seeing yellow butterflies and (of course) tons of ladybugs. Hmmm.... Also, my neighbors came over to fish from our pond w/ their stroller and their 3 month old baby. I went out to say hi and noticed that there were ladybugs all OVER their stroller. It was wild. I got chills. I feel a quiet and peacefulness towards this next adoption. It is such a different feeling from Eliza's adoption. Anyway, those are my random thoughts.
(I'm sorry Mom, I really am a good boy.)


Tiffany said...

I love checking in to see what you girls are up to.
I am so excited to follow your next adoption!
Hugs and kisses to Miss E!
(Hogan is too cute as well)

Truly Blessed said...

OMW...congratulations on starting the process again. I am SO excited for all of you.

Did you see we're leaving for China three weeks from today? Gulp!