Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mischievous, May hail and Lucy Jing!

Okay, how can one child keep me on the go and saying "no" a hundred times a day? I feel like a chicken w/ her head cut off most days. Eliza is fast...she could be sitting quietly reading and the next second, she's on top of something. Why am I so tired at night that often I lavish going to bed the second she is tucked in? Why can't I get a thing done? How did my mom manage to be a stay-at-home raising 10 of us?...These are just some of the thoughts I have on a daily basis. The other thoughts revolve around how totally in love and in awe I am of this child; how funny...and I mean hysterically funny she is; and how much I love being a mom. So, that said, I thought if I shared some photos of the many mischievous "jumping, climbing and helping herself to food" that Eliza has been into these days, someone can help me find the humor, rather than the...let's see: frustration, annoyance, danger... Well, you get what I'm saying. So, here's the photos, in no particular order. And I PROMISE, these are all no-no's, even though my snapping photos probably reinforced that this was cute?!

Next topic: We had hail this afternoon. In a matter of 5 minutes, the temps dropped from 80 to 68; a terrible storm blew in, rain, winds, thunder & lightening and yes, hail! I hate storms as it is because they always get the horses running and I worry that one will slip and break a leg. I hate lightening because we're so exposed and have actually had a tree out in the pasture get hit once. But this afternoon was a first. Watching my 2 hens (Hannah and Emma) run for cover from the hail. It was pitiful. I felt like Aunty Em in the "Wizard of Oz" calling for them to hurry, "'cause it's twistin and turn'in and comin this way". On top of that I had to watch my jeep get pelted, my beautiful gardens get destroyed. Here's some photos (unfortunately, I didn't get any of the hens, I was too busy calling for them...oh, and they're fine, by the way).

Lastly, friends of ours have been in China for the past couple of weeks adopting their second daughter (first was domestic). This time, they adopted an older child; Jing is 8. They wanted their two daughters to be close in age. They've been in the process for over 3 years. So, you can imagine when they started this, they were thinking a child around 4...as the years went on and their "desired age" went up, to keep up with their own daughter, they were filled with anxiety and concerns about adopting an older child. They prepared...and never thought they would be so blessed. Lucy Jing is doing wonderfully and they all blended so perfectly. They've had a great time in China. You can imagine what a great gift for Lucy Jing to be able to see so much of her birth country than she probably ever would have. She's going to have a wonderful life with her new family. Eliza and I can't wait to meet her. More on that when the day comes.


Truly Blessed said...

Oh, those Yangdong girls know how to be naughty, don't they? I've got a climber, too (and pictures to prove it!).

Eliza is looking SO tall (even without the skates). You're such a cool Mom for letting her wear them on your gorgeous hardwood floors!

I cannot believe the size of that hail, more like ice chunks if you ask me! Hope your car was in the garage at the time, or I'm sure it was dinged up a bit.

Happy for your friends with their new daughter. She's a beauty!

Tiffany said...

Oh my I can totally relate!!!!!!!
I finally just gave up on the idea of being caught up.... or even close to it.

Lucy Jing is precious!

Miss Eliza is adorable even when she is doing things she isn't suppose to be doing.
Hee hee