Thursday, December 04, 2008

Barney's untimely death

Okay, admittedly this was the dumbest thing I've ever done. I killed Barney. Yes, you read that right. (That's not the dumb thing I did; it's how I killed Barney that was dumb). Each morning, I have to distract Eliza w/ either her toothbrush or a drink so that she'll put Barney down...long enough for me to snatch him w/out her noticing and hide him...just so we can go to school w/out any Barney separation anxiety. So, on this particular morning, as I snatched Barney, Eliza started to follow me. The closest hiding place I could find quick enough was the upper oven. Alright, I know you're already starting to laugh... In that moment, mental note to self, "Take Barney out of the oven immediately after coming home from dropping Eliza off at school so that I don't bake Barney at dinnertime." ..........Well, I was distracted by a stop at my neighbor's house for coffee this a.m. and completely forgot about Barney. .......You guessed it, tonight, I turned on the oven to bake some rolls. As the temp increased to 170 degrees, I saw a flash of light inside the oven. @*^#(#!!!!!! Yikes, Barney was on fire. It didn't help that Allie kept yelling, "You burned Barney; Barney's on fire; I can't believe you burned Barney!" I threw Barney into the sink into a pot of water...sizzle...sizzle. Peeeyewww! Stunk! Poor Eliza kept looking around the kitchen everytime she'd hear "Barney's name" come out of Allie's mouth. I don't think she understood, but she clearly knew that something wasn't right. So, Barney is officially buried in the outside garbage can and tomorrow morning I will be hunting down a singing Barney to replace him. Oh my... I'm a bad mommy!


Rachel said...

Too funny! Hopefully Eliza has survived without Barney!

Tiffany said...

Oh my goodness I am laughing so hard!!!!!!!!!!! That is a riot!!!

The Montieth Family said...


I am ROLLING with laughter! At least you didn't kill Barney on purpose, as I have been tempted to do on occasion! ;) We bought Emma a singing one...just like the dead Toys R Us last month.

RIP Barney!
Love, Megan

Truly Blessed! said...

Okay, screaming hysterical laughter coming from me -- poor Katie is wondering why in the world I'm laughing so hard!

Poor Barney. Poor Eliza. How's she going to handle being without until Christmas day? And what does she think happened to her special friend?