Sunday, December 28, 2008

Future belly dancer or trick rider?

Eliza has been doing these contortionist things with her shirts these days. I've yet to see how she gets her shirts this way, but today's was an especially interesting look. Last I knew, she was watching a Barney show while I was posting on the Blog. Then I looked up and saw her dancing away to the Barney music and noticed her shirt. Well, I immediately thought: Belly Dancer!! Then she started rocking on her horse and trying to stand up on him. So, then I thought: Trick Rider!!! Of course, mommy tried doing something similar when she was about 4 and ended up breaking a wrist. Hmmm...better turn the camera off and set her straight on the rules of proper riding.


Rachel said...

Very cute! She obviously has her own sense of fashion and adventure!


The Montieth Family said...


Eliza rides her horse JUST like Emma! I have been cracking up over her pose with the hands out and shirt twisted up, what a hoot. :P

I also noticed right away the GOOD eye contact and huge smile looking into the camera while she was on Allie's back. WOW!

Eliza is a true beauty with her own style, obviously. :D

Love, Megan XX

Truly Blessed! said...

What a fantastic, contagious laugh!