Friday, December 19, 2008

Sick days...

Poor Eliza has been down w/ double ear infections again and a fever that finally broke this morning, after two days of consistently being 100 - 102. She's been pitiful; wanting to be carried all day and snuggled into me day and night; not sleeping and waking if she hears me leave her side. (Dad says he can't blame her...awww!) She refused food and drink for two days, even her favorite drinks. Finally, last night, I thought we should take her to the ER for fear of dehydration. I'm telling you, I tried everything to get some fluids into her. Anyway, finally last night, thank God, she started sipping a little. This morning, the fever broke and she was more agreeable to some light snacking and drinking.

I feel so bad that Eliza missed this week of school because they were planning so many fun projects and festivities for Christmas. Today is the Christmas party in their class that parents were invited to, but I just don't think she'll be up for even a visit. They sent home some cute gingerbread men and I was looking forward to seeing what else they were going to work on. They also made a calendar for 2009 and it has all these great classroom shots of Eliza on it. I loved it. Her teachers are amazing!

I've got so much to do in these final days before Christmas. The few cookies that I did get baked, have already been eaten up! I'm also still trying to get my family all home at the same time for a Christmas photo; so those won't be going out until after Christmas at this rate. Well, here's a few pictures I did snap this week. Some of Eliza wearing a cute hat as we got ready to go to the dr's (I wanted to cover her ears before we went out into the wind); another of her wearing mommy's chic-velvet hat and playing w/ her new favorite toy from Auntie Megan and Emma; another of her playing her little keyboard. I'm trying to upload some vidoes too that I took on my camera of her playing the keyboard (you can hear her coughing pitifully). I have another video I took of Eliza and Allie playing too (before she was sick though). Well, enjoy...Derek's back home now and I'm hoping to get some respite!


Rachel said...

Poor Eliza. I hope she's feeling better. I love the hat pictures!

The Montieth Family said...


I am just getting a chance to catch up on Eliza's blog now. I am impressed with your video-you put me to shame!! Oh that POOR cough! The pictures are priceless, I am not sure which hat I like better on Eliza! :) She is so beautiful, even when she is sick. We miss you!

Love, Megan