Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Preparations

Finally got everyone together for our Christmas card photo-shoot...typical craziness and "tossing" out 99% of the pictures because someone wasn't "perfect". It was fun, as usual, though.

We've been constantly asking Eliza where Barney is and if Santa is going to bring Barney back. She's been looking for him and smiles bright when she hears that Santa might bring him.

So, here's a sneak-peak of a shot from our Christmas card adventure and also a video of Eliza sharing a before-bed snack with Hogan and Sadie tonight! (P.S. The golden-puppy is "Carmen" from the kids' mom's house...she comes over for sleepovers and play dates w/ Hogan.)

Merry Christmas everyone and may 2009 bring us peace and joy!

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The Montieth Family said...

Sarah Ray,

Your latest entry made me smile BIG! Greg and I watched Eliza's video (Emma is in bed) and we are so impressed with your skills. Greg was like "Christ, she even has music playing on the blog"! Our blog stinks. : ) I love Eliza's pony tail, she is so sweet.

Your Christmas card preview is AWESOME too!!! Shoot, we miss you guys! Greg and I were just talking about you all tonight. :)(Really)!

Love, Megan