Sunday, December 28, 2008

Santa is our hero!

We had a wonderful, busy Christmas. Up early, Eliza came downstairs and the first thing she saw was a new pony (the indoor kind). I said, "Look what Santa brought for you Eliza!" She smiled big and went over to touch it and check it out. She immediately got on and started rocking. When we got everyone else up, Allie went right to the Barney present and gave it to Eliza. Eliza didn't pay much attention to it until Dad squeezed Barney's hand through the wrapping paper. The rest, you'll see on the video I uploaded. It was so funny. And, no, she has not let go of Barney's hand since. Except for our post Christmas shopping day when she dropped Barney in the department store and I was clueless. She screamed and cried and I just thought she was fighting off a nap. Wouldn't you know it, we were in the dressing room when a woman called in asking if someone had lost Barney. My heart stopped. I had gotten used to not having Barney around for 3 weeks that I forgot he was "supposed" to be with us. Oh my! The woman said that she remembered seeing a cute little girl in a stroller with him, so she had been walking around the store looking for us! Can you imagine! ...She's my hero...

Eliza is feeling much better and has been so happy. She's been doing this funny, loud laughing thing. (I think she's imitating my laughter.) It's very funny and you can't help but laugh along with her, which encourages her to do more. She's been dancing like crazy and it's hilarious to watch. She also loves to pat her legs to the songs on Barney shows. She's been jibber-jabbering constantly, and playing and socializing really well. It's been so wonderful to see. She had a really, really good Christmas! Her presents were a hit; Barney, of course, being her favorite; a Barney and a Berenstein Bears DVD; the plush rocking horse; a marble tower that we can construct in many different ways and watch the marbles go flying down..a few books; and The Mixed Up Chamelion (you move colored balls that are under plexi-glass through the maze and into their appropriate colored-place with a magnet pen. She really likes playing with it.)

My heart has been full watching her get into her toys and videos, dancing and laughing at appropriate things...though she's 3.5 and in many ways is doing things that a young toddler would be doing, just seeing her "make the connections" is huge. I couldn't help think that the timing of bringing home Nina Meiying is going to be perfect with Eliza getting more social. Happy New Year friends and family!

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Truly Blessed! said...

Eliza's expression, when she realized the box contained Barney, was precious!

And, MAN, she's got those moves down! Is she in a dance class yet?

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (it looks like you did -- and the older kids were so patient waiting for their stockings while Barney was coming out of his box -- good for them!).

Best wishes for a fantastic 2009 -- the year of Nina Meiying!